Media Questions Of The Week

Who are the legacy artists that were signed to Sony Music before 2000 whose debt will be ignored so they can start to receive royalty payments in the music industry’s attempt to be more financially transparent? 


What will Snoop Dogg bring to Def Jam Records in his new role as an executive creative and strategic consultant? 

Media Questions Of The Week


Why didn’t LL Cool J perform at the Def Jam 30th Anniversary Show?


Is the Hollywood Reporter right that Shonda Rhimes is television’s savior?


Will any network pick-up Ridley Scott’s proposed TV series about the Ebola virus?

Bill Adler Talks About The Golden Age Of Def Jam

[youtube id=”NXqqkgJX5RA”]

Elite Daily interviewed veteran hip-hop journalist/publicist Bill Adler and he talks about the early days of Def Jam and the formation of the rap industry and media.

Media Questions Of The Week

1. How could Stephen Hill of BET have a problem with Waka Flocka but not have a problem with all the other weak performances they have engineered over the years? What about Chris Brown using Michael Jackson’s legacy to redeem himself with fans? What about that????

2. Why did the Miami Police Department have Jay-Z listed as a gangbanger?

3. Since Nas is having issues with Def Jam should he defect to another label when his contract is up?