D’Angelo Launching Podcast & Joins Instagram

D’Angelo is the latest artist to launch a podcast during the pandemic. The R&B singer kicked off his Feverish Fantazmagoria show via Sonos Radio on January 13th. Of the title he says, 

“This is a curation of sorts – a collection of musical expressions that I call ‘Feverish Fantazmagoria’. It includes some crate digging; a lot of psych-rock and funk-rock in there, even some gospel and soul. Just a lot of incredible music that’s fun and inspires me.”

In addition to his new internet radio show, he has also joined Instagram. Fans are hoping he will perform some of his own music during Feverish Fantzmagoria or give some new music updates on his Instagram page. 

Rapsody Comes Back With lbtihaj Feat. D’Angelo & Gza

[youtube id=”sVf1iU9UyKk”]Rapsody is on the road to her next album release and “lbtihaj” featuring D’Angelo and Gza is the first sound from her new collection of music. Her longtime collaborator and mentor 9th Wonder produced the song that is built around Gza’s “Liquid Swords.” The new album is called Eve and is expected this year. It was two years ago when Rapsody’s two-time Grammy-nominated Laila’s Wisdom was released.  

Red Dead Redemption 2 Soundtrack Available Now: New D’Angelo

The popular videogame Red Dead Redemption 2 has a soundtrack that is now available with exclusive music from D’Angelo, Willie Nelson, Rhiannon Giddens and more. The game is the highest-rated for its popularity that gave it a successful opening weekend of more than $500 million in sales. D’Angelo’s “Unshaken” fits the post-wild west theme of the game with his vocals sounding like a ghostly gunslinger. Daniel Lanois produced the soundtrack that will have a companion album out of the original score later this summer. 


Watch:Trailer For D’Angelo Documentary Devil’s Pie

[youtube id=”EgvE6c7-2ag”]The D’Angelo documentary Devil’s Pie from Dutch director Carine Bijlsma premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Today the first trailer for the film was released revealing bits of the project that began filming in January 2015. D’Angelo gave Bijlsma the rare privilege to come inside his world and document his life and music from an up-close standpoint. The singer’s battles with addiction, his disappearance from the public eye and his re-emergence with Black Messiah in 2014 are talked about in the 85-minute film. The portrait of his life thus far is exciting for history and it is also revealed that D’Angelo is currently working on a new album.