New Orlean’s Rapper Crix Green is “Keepin It Ben Franklin” with New Mixtape Release


New Orleans – Like a leaf on a barren branch, Crix Green emerges and has defiantly thrown his crown in the hip hop ring of champion spitters. Virgin Island born, but dirty south bred in New Orleans, this contender plans to not only knock out the competition, but stomp all over them. His newly released mixtape, “Keepin It Ben Franklin,” hosted by DJ Scream, from his Clear Vision Entertainment label, has already put naysayers on alert, because like the title of his single release, “I’m On It,” Crix Green is all over it, under it and through it.

His bravado didn’t come cheap though. A real hustla who has been in the streets since early childhood, Green had to actually lay low before he could get behind a mike. “Waiting on a statute of limitations to run its course is real talk when you rapping real game and not fake believe like the ‘boss rosses’ in the game,” he will tell you.

“Keepin It Ben Franklin” is 12 tracks that roll deep through the dirty dirty and emerge unscathed, much like his own personal trials and tribulations in life. “My mixtape is uncensored pages out of my life. I love hip hop but hate what it has turned into. Anyone can drop a release about ‘da life and get a hit now, whether its their story or the story of someone next to them. My lyrics were born from not only my blood but the blood of my brothers. I represent for the underworld that’s still unda because though I have survived, it is not about my sole success. It’s about sprouting more green and blazing a path for others.”

“Keepin It Ben Franklin” puts the listener on immediate blast with the “Intro” track that bangs beats like bullets firing past the haters. Green keeps it ‘G’d’ up with “Get It” but softens his blows with “Playa Ways” rappin over a R&B rhythm with a smooth flowing chorus laced by a honey flavored female vocalist. The artists takes it a step further when he mixes up his swag on the jazz tinged, saxophone trimmed “Real Talk.” The current single however, “I’m On It” makes is plain though, Crix’s last name is “Green” for a reason.

The sheer personification of his unyielding confidence, relentless determination and focused vision will propel Crix Green to the head of the rap game. From his perspective, when you have survived bullets, the Feds and snitches, everything else is a pretty easy.

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