Lizzo, Danny Brown, MF Doom, Method Man & Phonte Are On The New Negroes Season One Soundtrack

Open Mike and Baron Vaughn’s Comedy Central show The New Negroes has a soundtrack from the season one that is available on all platforms. There is music from Lizzo, Method Man, MF Doom, Danny Brown and Phonte as well as the show’s opening theme. The soundtrack comes right after their two-episode season finale. The episodes and stand-up routines can be streamed at the Comedy Central site.  

The New Negroes Share Open Mike Eagle & Lizzo’s Extra Consent Video

[youtube id=”HslbuwTMhrw”]Open Mike Eagle and Lizzo have an awkward interlude around the issue of consensual sex in their Comedy Central video for “Extra Consent.” Eagle wants to make sure there’s no misunderstanding about their intentions but Lizzo has an aggressive comical approach to the topic. The video is taken from episode four of The New Negroes With Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle airing this Friday, May 10th. 

Open Mike Eagle & Danny Brown Are Unfiltered In First Music Video From The New Negroes

[youtube id=”5oYxYtelBOU”]Open Mike Eagle and Danny Brown are “Unfiltered” in the first music video from The New Negroes With Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle. Mike is stuck in a cubicle all day feeling frustration until his alter ego played by Danny Brown emerges from his body to give everybody a piece of his mind. The song is a first look inside the show’s political awareness and the type of topics they will address in the series that features stand-up comedy and music. Their inspiration from Alain Locke’s New Negro of the Harlem Renaissance will take form as a way for Black Americans to tell their story with introspective comedy. The New Negroes With Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle will debut this Friday, April 19th at 11 PM ET on Comedy Central. 

Comedy Central Announces The New Negroes With Baron Vaughn And Open Mike Eagle

Comedy Central announced the premiere date for its new comedy The New Negroes With Baron Vaughn and Open Mike Eagle today. The show is inspired by the Harlem Rennaissance and will feature stand-up performances from three comedians and an original music video of Open Mike Eagle with a guest artist for each episode. Vaughn and Eagle gave a summary of the socially aware program: 

“This series shares its title and point of view with a seminal work of art from the Harlem Renaissance: The New Negro by Alain Locke, a compilation of essays, poetry, and fiction telling a vast array of black stories that expanded readers’ perceptions of Black American identity.” “Using stand-up comedy, music, and music videos, we’re taking inspiration from and paying homage to that work and perspective, and we’re bringing it into the 21st century, where it persists as urgent and necessary.”

Method Man, MF Doom, Phonte, Danny Brown, Lizzo, Father and Sammus are some of the musical guests and Madlib produced The New Negro theme song. Chris Redd, Donnel Rawlings, Lil Rel Howery, Sasheer Zamata, Dulce Sloan, George Wallace, Sam Jay are the first set of comedians scheduled to appear. 

The Comedy Central YouTube channel, the Comedy Central Stand-Up social-media accounts, and the CC app will have exclusive clips and extended stand-up sets from each show. Full episodes will be available the day after the premiere on the app, cc.com, on demand and download to own platforms. 

The New Negroes With Baron Vaughn And Open Mike Eagle will debut April 19th at 11:00 PM ET on Comedy Central with a simulcast on BET.