Clarence James Owns Up To His Introversion On New Single Flake

Clarence James gets ready for his next album with the release of the single “Flake.” The Texas singer-songwriter gets vulnerable about his social anxiety and apologizes to loved ones about his inconsistent communication. James’ country and rock influences can sound almost psychedelic at times. Vocally, he sings some parts of “Flake” with gloom, then shouts, and the music becomes manic. As a guitar player, his fingers pluck the strings into twangy and jazzy head-nodding moments. He summarized “Flake” in a press release:

“I feel like the sentiment of the song is a popular one among my fellow neurotics. I’ve been struggling to navigate the mental systems that are keeping me from staying in touch with my loved ones. Personally and societally, strong community units are somewhat of a commodity. I personally tend to dwell on it and form bad habits centered around anxiety. These habits far too often lead to self destruction, and it’s important to understand the positive significance of relying on people.”
James gained his internet following six years ago when he released the indie rock single “Ronson Princess” which acquired more than five million streams.  His debut album, Fucked Me Up came along in 2020. “Flake” will be on his forthcoming sophomore album, WHY WOULD I MAKE PEACE WITH THIS DEMON?