City College Celebrates 60 Years Of Orquesta Broadway Band On March 24th

City College for the Arts is celebrating the legendary Cuban Charanga band Orquesta Broadway’s 60th anniversary on March 24th. Charanga is Cuban dance music and Orquesta Broadway started making their own as a group in 1963. They will be honored with a concert given by flutist and educator Connie Grossman and flutist Karen Joseph. Radio host and Latin music historian Nelson Radhames Rodriguez is the producer and emcee of the show. Tickets are on sale at

“Over the years, City College Center for the Arts has hosted numerous outstanding milestones in the Latin music industry, and I can’t imagine this celebration being elsewhere. Orquesta Broadway’s hypnotic Cuban charanga sound is sure to bring everyone to their feet,” said CCCA Managing Director Gregory Shanck.

Rodriguez  commented on Orquesta Broadway’s legacy in a statement: 

“Rhythmic and poetic, the sound of a legendary orchestra preserving the tradition of the Cuban Charanga style. The smooth harmonies of the flute and violins make you dance and move like a feather caught in the wind. Traditional Cuban style persists under the direction of El Maestro Eddy Zervigon, who for more than 60 years has been the leader of the mother of all charangas outside of the island, La Orquesta Broadway.” 

The show happens at the Aaron Davis Hall Marian Anderson Theatre on March 24th at 7 PM. 



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