Cherri V Releases Brown Eyed Soul EP

Stream Brown Eyed Soul Vol. 1 below:


Cherri V Shares Video For Swimming From Brown Eyed Soul

[youtube id=”Fhkx7Jc460k”] Cherri V is getting closer to the release of her Brown Eyed Soul debut and she has shared the video for “Swimming” featuring Roxxann. The singer-songwriter attends a house party and is introduced to a guy by her friends. Cherri V explains,

“There’s nothing like meeting a guy through friends, ones who can vouch for him and give you that casual introduction. No pressure, just friends amongst friends, getting familiar in a relaxed setting.  “I’m glad Asylum 33 (who produced the video) were able to capture that house party relaxed feel. I also wanted to take a little more of a casual approach for this video, compared to ‘Leave Me Be’, and shove my real friends in front of the camera lol. The shots in the pool were a highlight for me! I’m really proud of this visual.”

Cherri V Starts 2018 With Swimming Single Featuring RoxXxan

Cherry V is getting closer to the release of her Brown Eyed Soul debut album and “Swimming” is the latest song from it with a feature from British rapper RoxXxan. On the inspiration behind “Swimming” Cherry V says,

“It’s about attraction, it’s about those daydreams you have about that special person. It’s about them persistently roaming around in your thoughts… way beyond your control… slightly obsessive lol. It’s about wanting to be alone, away from the noise, prying eyes and social media – just two people getting lost in each other’s company.”



Cherri V Offers Acoustic Version Of Without You

[youtube id=”m-oJKAt-gG4″] As Cherri V gets closer to the release of her Brown Eyed Soul debut she adds another song to her stripped down series. The fan-favorite single “Without You” has a piano at the center and lyrics poking at the nuances of conflict in a relationship. Musician Hannah V helped with the song’s new sound and they both sit at the piano in the video. Cherri V gave an explanation for “Without You” in a press release:

“Many couples can relate to the concept of ‘Without You’, it’s very tongue in cheek and captures the comical side of differences in the household, with the simple ‘matter of fact’ lyrics resonating with listeners. This stripped version really gave me a chance to showcase and stretch my vocals that little bit more, and working with Hannah V pushes me to do just that.”