Media Questions Of The Week


1. Did Jay-Z forgetting some of the lyrics to “Empire State Of Mind” and “Jigga What, Jigga Who” during his SXSW set really “make for a disappointing set?” Did fans even notice?


2. If The Dream believes that The Weeknd is copying his sound then why doesn’t he change his sound?


3. Are Charles Hamilton’s allegations against J.Cole true?

Media Questions Of The Week

1. Why is Charles Hamilton using Dilla’s name in a disrespectful way to promote his project?

2. Why won’t Prince get the double hip replacement surgery because Jehovah Witness status rules out blood transfusions but his “protege” Bria Valente is not down with Jehovah and he
writes songs like “Valentina” dedicated to married women like Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz who is not a witness either? Or the fact that he got divorced from Manuela who was not a witness and divorce is also banned by the temple?

3.Is Usher getting divorced?

Charles Hamilton Wraps The Hamiltionization Process

After seven, bi-weekly, mixtape releases, critically acclaimed debuting Interscope Records recording artist Charles Hamilton proudly brings his innovative cyber tour, “The Hamiltonization Process” to a close.

On Tuesday, December 9th, Charles Hamilton will release what he calls, “the everyday diary during the darkest period of my life,” Pink Lavalamp which is the final installment to “The Hamiltonization Process.”

The 15-track album was recorded between 2006 and 2007, before his recording deal with Interscope. Ironically a year to two later, Pink Lavalamp is the genesis to where Charles Hamilton is musically today. The album was completely recorded and mixed at the Frederick Douglass Academy and is the original raw recording. According to Charles, every story in every song on Pink Lavalamp relates back to Charles’ life or something he’s seen in life.

To commemorate the end of “The Hamiltonization Process,” Charles Hamilton will celebrate the release of the album, Pink Lavalamp in NYC on Monday, December 8th at the Red Bull Space at 8:30 pm EST. The celebration will serve as a meet and greet for press, DJs and tastemakers alike. The celebration will also include an exclusive Pink Lavalamp play back session.

“The Hamiltonization Process” began 3 months ago as an eight (8) site tour. Charles Hamilton joined forces with the top hip hop and urban music blogs on the web along with leading social media network imeem.com to showcase his musical versatility and creative.

Here is a brief recap of the seven mixtapes released under “The Hamiltonization Process”

Death of a Mixtape Rapper
Hamilton takes a stab at the hierarchy of the music industry.

And Then They Played Dilla
For Hamilton, Dillas song “Donuts” was the inspiration that gave him “food” and “eats” according to Charles you can’t take over the music industry on an empty stomach

Staff Development,
Showcased Hamilton’s and his production teams’ musical growth

* Its Charles Hamilton

Based off the ItsTheRealSkits, was used as a metaphor to tell the tale of Hamilton’s journey since being signed.

* The L Word

Hamilton’s story about looking for lady luck and running into the many types of women

* Sonic the Hamilton

This mixtape takes on as much importance to Hamilton as Jay-Z’s black album did for him.

* Intervention

Hamilton’s first spiritual trip through life

For additional music or to download any of the mixtapes, videos and photos of Charles Hamilton, visit his profile at www.iamnotcharleshamilton.com

Charles Hamilton Is The Next Generation Of Hip-Hop

Rapper, mad music scientist, Sonic the Hedgehog are just a few of the adjectives used to describe Charles Hamilton. With his self-produced mixtape “Outside Looking” hosted by Green Lantern praised by the likes of Pharrell and Eminem and a forthcoming album, via Interscope in the first quarter of 2009. Jimmy Iovine’s newest signee, Charles Hamilton produces and writes all his own music and plays multiple instruments at the very young age of 20. Already profiled by NY Times, XXL, Complex, The Fader, Trace, and Vibe Magazine’s and Allhiphop.com, Okayplayer, Hiphopdx.com, DJbooth.net, Hiphopgame.com, Ballerstatus.com, Onsmash.com and the New Music Cartel among others; Charles Hamilton is a name you need to know!!

Charles defines himself as Sonic the Hedgehog and similarly buries himself into sound, putting him through different zones and mind states. The sound dictates the zone itself. Sonic is faster than the sound, so he can never lose or die, as long as he follows the truest sound, his heart.

Part mythical character, part artist; Charles Hamilton’s existence is guided by and solely dedicated to music in order to sustain life. “If tomorrow I get dropped from my label, I’m not going back to a comfortable apartment. I’m homeless, again. I abandoned a negative lifestyle to achieve happiness in music. I’m watching my dreams unfold right in front of me, in my own zone. Reality, or as I call it, “The Lavalamp Zone”, he recently lamented.

The name Charles Hamilton is the newest breed of sonic sound, energy and a creative force from another universe that will be buzzing in your heads for months to come.

Download link to Charles Hamilton’s “Outside Looking” mixtape (hosted by Green Lantern): https://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=Smp0ckhRYTIwMEZjR0E9PQ

Download link to Charles Hamilton’s “Brooklyn Girls”: https://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=SmpzUGhRTXZwTVd4dnc9PQ

Charles updates his blog daily with his sonic philosophy at www.iamnotcharleshamilton.com