Candace Bellamy Debuts Her Bluesy Single Trigger

Candace Bellamy taps into the blues for her new single “Trigger.” Bellamy is emerging with her debut album Undone after years of singing for fun. Undone will have the benefit of her collaborations with veteran songwriters Ruth Carter and Jake Langley. “Trigger” tells the story of a woman trying to resist an alluring man against a lazy tempo and lots of blues guitar. Bellamy’s Undone will be available on May 5th.


Candace Bellamy’s Video For Undone Is Prelude To New EP

[youtube id=”utmubTO0JSg”] Candace Bellamy is an R&B singer based in Texas and started singing professionally 12 years ago as a├é┬árespite from her day job as a doctor. “Undone” is a straightforward break-up song and Bellamy delivers the song from a club stage with her band. The Undone EP will be released May 5th 2017.