R.I.P. Bobby Caldwell

Soul crooner Bobby Caldwell died Tuesday at age 71. His wife attributed a prescription for a fluoroquinolone antibiotic in 2017 as the root cause of his fatal illness. Caldwell is known for his 1978 hit “What You Won’t Do For Love” which has been sampled by 2Pac, Erykah Badu and Aaliyah and covered by Phyllis Hyman, Boyz II Men amongst others. He started his career in 1970 as a guitarist for Little Richard before signing a solo recording contract in 1978. The record company hid the fact that he was a white man by omitting his photo from the album cover. Fans were shocked to see him on tour with Natalie Cole because they were convinced by his voice that he was Black.  He wrote other great songs like “Open Your Eyes,” “Carry On” and “My Flame” which still have a pulse and are also referenced and sampled to this day. His talent for writing was not limited to himself as he was able to write for others including the hit “The Next Time I Fall” for Peter Cetera and Amy Grant.  Robert Flack, Boz Scaggs, Al Jarreau, Roy Ayers and Neil Diamond would also benefit from his pen. By the late ’90s, he was recording Big Band arrangements and singing standards. Cool Uncle released in 2015 was his last solo recording.  


Cool Uncle-Never Knew Love Before

[youtube id=”ENjYvkKKRGs”] Bobby Caldwell is surrounded by dancing women and animation in the video for “Never Knew Love Before” from his Cool Uncle project with Jack Splash. Caldwell is cool as ever in the midst of swirling colors and the women’s dance movements. Cool Uncle is out now.

Cool Uncle (Bobby Caldwell & Jack Splash)-Mercy Feat. Cee Lo Green Official Video

[youtube id=”cjknndcGitI”] Bobby Caldwell and Jack Splash drop a new video for “Mercy” from their Cool Uncle project with a guest appearance from CeeLo Green. They are claymation figures at a zoo where they animals get to gawk at and feed them in a reversal of the typical zoo scheme. Their Cool Uncle album is out now.

Cool Uncle Album Stream

CoolUncle NPR is streaming the full-length Cool Uncle (Bobby Caldwell and Jack Splash) album and you can listen to all 15-songs and hear their 1978 meets 2015 groove. The collaboration is the result of Caldwell’s wife reaching out to Splash  via social media after she heard that he wanted to work with her husband. Cool Uncle is a continuation of Caldwell’s classic style with modern additions that compliment his sound instead of drowning him in an attempt to mimic contemporary artists.