Arnold Jarvis-Masterpiece


Just Say It is the third album from house singer Arnold Jarvis. The voice behind “And I Loved You” and “Inspiration” collaborated with Timmy Regisford and Blaze on the 9-track collection.

Throwback: Blaze- So Special


Blaze started out as a trio with Kevin Hedge, Josh Milan and Chris Hebert in 1984. Hebert was the singer, Milan played keyboards and Hedge handled the production duties. “Yearnin'” was their first single to come out one year after they became a unit. The New Jersey group would not have a full-length album until they released 25 Years Later in 1990 on the Motown label. “So Special” is from that album in addition to “Get Up” and “Love Is Forever.” Soon after the release of their first project Hebert left the group. Milan and Hedge decided to focus on dance music and they already had success with a remix of Lisa Stansfield’s “People Hold On” in 1989. De’Lacy’s “Hideaway” was produced by Blaze in ’94 and it proved to be another global success that firmly established them as major players on the dance scene. The duo put that passion for club culture into their own party called The Shelter. Throughout the ’90’s they would release several recognizable club records including “My Beat,” “Wishing You Were Here,” “Seasons Of Love” and “Take A Stand For Love” among a profuse number of other tracks as artists and producers. Blaze has been equally prolific in making albums and singles demonstrating an output that is usually rare for dance-oriented artists. They have recorded under the pseudonyms Exit, Phase II, Klubhead, Blaze Team, The Klub Family and Urban Art Trio. A Blaze remix is a distinct experience that always identifies itself. The Shelter is still going strong in New York City and Housemasters is their most current release.

Josh Milan-Till You Go Home Feat. ChinahBlac


Josh Milan from Blaze has a new label called Honey Comb and “Till You Get Home” with ChinahBlac is the first single. He has a compilation coming out that will include Sandra St. Victor among others.