Throwback: Members Of The House-Reach Out For The Love


[youtube id=”SLynRk6rTzA”] Members Of The House was a house music group from Detroit that included but was not limited to Bill Beaver and Yolanda Reynolds. “Reach Out For The Love” was released on the Shockwave imprint which was a subsidiary of the Underground Resistance parent label. The song made Members Of The House one of the first house music groups to achieve worldwide recognition. They released a handful of songs during their brief time including “These Are My People.” Reynolds also sang on “Your Time Is Up” and “Living For The Nite” for Underground Resistance. Bill Beaver currently records as Billy Love and has made music with Theo Parrish and was featured last year on Cool Peepl’s “Free Pt. 2” with Amp Fiddler and Sundiata O.M.