Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter Artwork

Beyoncé posted the artwork for her Cowboy Carter album today on her social media pages. The artwork was accompanied by a message from her about creating the album. She explained that CC was five years in the making and inspired by an experience she had years ago when she learned that she was not welcomed in the Country Music Industry. Her confidence to make country music was restored after she researched

Media Questions Of The Week

Will the country music establishment accept Beyoncé?

Beyoncé Debuts Two New Songs During Superbowl

Beyoncé’s Verizon commercial during the Superbowl was also a promotion for her next project which is a tribute to country music. “Texas Hold Em” and “16 Carriages” were posted to Spotify and YouTube. Her Instagram account had a snippet of “Texas Hold Em” and described the album as act ii with the date March 29th.  She also alluded to the album at the Grammys by wearing a cowboy hat. 



Media Questions Of The Week

Is Usher right in his observation that The Grammy’s have used Beyoncé for ratings because she has never won Album of the Year despite being nominated four times?