Ben L’Oncle Soul Shares A Rose From IS IT YOU?

Ben L’Oncle Soul shares his current single “A Rose” preceding the release of his sixth album IS IT YOU? The French soul star’s admiration for the flower lights up on the acoustic song where he compares his partner to a rose. He wrote “A Rose”and long-standing collaborator Alex Finkin produced the single inspired by Robert Frost’s poem. The singer explains,

I’ve always been fascinated by roses… Every time I look at one, I fall in love again. When my friend Alex read me this poem by Robert Frost, the instruments just started to dance. The accompanying video for ‘A Rose’ is a journal-style collection of visual fragments and scribbles. Glimpses of the everyday. And it is at the same time, an exploration of the vertical video that due to smartphones and social media has not only become commonplace but also a way we look at the world”.

Ben L’Oncle Soul’s sixth album comes after a journey that started in 2009 when he signed with Motown’s French division. His five albums have streamed heavily and held high chart positions since then earning him multi-platinum status and France’s most esteemed music awards (Globes de Cristal and Victoires de la Musique). At this stage in his career he will be releasing IS IT YOU? via his Enchanté label on February 17th. The nuanced arrangement of “A Rose” and Ben L’Oncle Soul’s genial vocals are the perfect homage to the world’s most adored petals.   



Soulfinger’s Life, Love & Passion Revisits ’60’s and ’70’s Soul

[youtube id=”GGr-WJQ6mfQ”]

Soulfinger is the two-man production team behind Life, Love & Passion, which is a compilation of ’60’s and ’70’s R&B covers by contemporary artists. They have assembled Leela James, Syleena Johnson, Truth Hurts, Angela Johnson, Anthony David, Martin Luther, Joi, Teedra Moses, Kathy Sledge and a host of others to give their take on classics like Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do.” The project is designed to be a luxury piece for a limited number of collectors as there will be no digital distribution. The Kickstarter campaign for the project is running until April 12th and you can visit the official site to see and hear video clips of the artists working in the studio.