Bambu Addresses Racism In His Video For Prey’er Featuring Killer Mike

[youtube id=”jAD-YDp3q30″] Bambu’s “Prey’er” is a direct attack on racism, police brutality and the oppression of the working class with guest vocals from Killer Mike. The video was shot in the Philippines and has intense images of chaos, bloodshed and resistance. “Prey’er” is from Bambu’s sixth album Prey For The Devil. 

Bambu: Info Trip Feat. Mark de Clive-Lowe Lyric Video

[youtube id=”bB0nsbUedPg”] Bambu’s lyric video for “Info Trip” has plenty of visual words but he still appears by the water to give a solo performance. Bambu’s dedication to rapping about the struggles of the oppressed never wavers and his Prey For The Devil is another passionate call to resistance.

Zion I-Unity Featuring Bambu & D.U.S.T. Official Video

[youtube id=”qFB288vKtTE”] Zion I ends the year with a video for “Unity” featuring Bambu and D.U.S.T. from the Sun, Moon & Stars EP released earlier this year. “Unity” is about the strained relationship between the police and minority communities. Eric Garner’s case is mentioned and all three rappers take to the streets to walk with protestors who demand accountability from the police.


[youtube id=”H2VDED–fi8″]

Bambu’s “Comrades” is about showing support to workers worldwide and the video is about a scene in the forest after the revolution with infiltration by the government and drones in the air. Bambu’s Party Worker is out now.