Killer Mike & The Atlanta Hawks Announce A New Location For Mike’s SWAG & Barbershop

Killer Mike and The Atlanta Hawks held a press conference to announce a new location for Mike’s Barbershop and SWAG shop. Mike and his wife Shana opened the first S(have) W(a) A(nd) G(room) shop close to Mike’s old neighborhood close to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. They wanted to provide jobs and a positive experience for the community.

Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin stated the importance of the shop:

“Killer Mike is a true Atlanta legend. His SWAG Shops are so important to the areas in Atlanta that they serve and we wanted to make sure that was represented in our new transformed arena. We believe in providing a diverse and inclusive entertainment experience and we are thankful that Killer Mike and his SWAG Shop will help us be authentic as we do so.”

Killer Mike expressed his feelings about the new location:

“I’m very happy that the front porch of the Hawks is going to be host to a SWAG Shop, it really is like a dream coming true because now kids are going to be coming down early just to hang out in my shop, buy a t-shirt, get a haircut and watch the game.”