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Is Denzel Washington’s casting as the Carthaginian general Hannibal in Antoine Fuqua’s film a “historical error,” as some Tunisians have said?  




Should MC Hammer and KRS-One have performed the Grammy’s Hip Hop 50 celebration for the fans despite their disgust with being ignored by them throughout the years? 

Media Questions Of The Week

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Scarface remake? 

Antoine Fuqua Is Creating A Film About Black Panther Leader Fred Hampton

Antoine Fuqua is working on a film about the life of Fred Hampton who led the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party was the national deputy chairman. Hampton was fatally shot by the Chicago Police and FBI while sleeping in his bed during a raid in 1969. The shooting was ruled as a justifiable homicide and the family won a civil lawsuit in 1982 for $1.85 million. Fuqua has wanted to make a film about Hampton for a long time and the script written by Chris Smith is based on Jeffrey Haas’ book The Assassination Of Fred Hampton: How The FBI And Chicago Police Murdered A Black Panther.

The film is part of a first-look deal Fuqua has with Sony Pictures and The Equalizer 2 is the first project. Denzel Washington will join him again in the action movie reboot that will be released September 14th, 2018.

Media Questions Of The Week



Should Antoine Fuqua direct the third remake of Scarface?


What are the circumstances surrounding Dr. Sebi’s recent death in Honduras while he was being held by the police?

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Will Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, become a new R&B star?