Watch Nikki Beharie Invite You To Season 9 Of Afropop: The Cultural Exchange

[youtube id=”9HU3ITf4GJQ”] Nikki Beharie is the host of Afropop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange’s ninth season and this is the trailer for the season. Afropop starts its next season with An American Ascent on January 16th. The film is an award-winning documentary about the first African-American team to attempt climbing North America’s highest peak, Denali. Angela Tucker is the producer of Afropop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange and Duana Butler is the director. To find out more about AfroPoP, visit For viewing information, check local listings or

Black Folk Don’t Web Series Is Back For Season Four


The fourth and last season of the web series Black Folk Don’t is airing and can be seen on the National Black Programming Consortium’s official website The show created by Angela Tucker explores Black stereotypes and picks them apart for cultural accuracy. Season four has already questioned the notions of whether or not Black people vote Republican, listen to Classical music, buy homes or know their history. Watch the episode on Black people voting Republican below.

[youtube id=”QcseMy0RVLk”]

Afropop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange (Trailer)

[youtube id=”2jBRtiuL1YA”]

The Yaya DaCosta hosted seventh season of Afropop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange airs on Monday and this is the trailer. The episodes cover the lives and culture of African-Americans and Africans. From the history of A.I.D.S. to the work from New York City artists featured in The Triptych the series seeks to cover broad variety of issues in the lives of the subjects. Angela Tucker is producer of the series and Duana Butler is the director. You can go the American Public Television site to find the broadcast times in your area. Dacosta will also be seen tomorrow in Lifetime’s Angela Basset-directed Whitney playing the lead role of Whitney Houston.

Black Folk Don’t: Go Green

[youtube id=”t64R1xlqVfo”]

Angela Tucker’s “Black Folk Don’t” has returned and today’s episode is about whether or not Black people care about their carbon footprint. Norwood Fisher, founder of Fishbone, talks about his previous notion that Black people don’t ride snowboards.