Brittany Howard Covers Funkadelic For Spotify Singles


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Brittany Howard releases a new version of “Stay High” and covers Funkadelic’s “You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks” for Spotify Singles. The former is from her debut album Jaime and the latter is from Funkadelic’s famous 1971 Maggot Brain album. Howard’s gritty gospel and soul delivery has as much passion as Funkadelic’s original recording. The updated take on “Stay High” is a bit smoother than the album version. 


Brittany Howard Gives Tiny Desk Concert

Brittany Howard takes her Jaime album to NPR and performs a four-song set with her eight-piece band. The singer kept the audience engaged as the music flowed and when she explained the story behind the song “Georgia.” Howard is currently on tour in the United States and tickets are still available. 

Brittany Howard Gives In Studio Performance Of Stay High

[youtube id=”j5-Nq8sr8jQ”]Brittany Howard gives a charged performance of her soulful “Stay High” inside the KCRW studios. The Alabama Shakes frontwoman just saw her solo album Jaime come out and it’s been gaining critical acclaim. The musician is currently touring the United States and tickets are still on sale. 

Brittany Howard Performs Stay High Live

[youtube id=”IOw06le148o”]Brittany Howard performs a live version of “Stay High” from her solo album Jaime. The original video starring Terry Crews was released last month. The new visual makes Howard the focus with her band. Howard’s been busy since her band the Alabama Shakes released Sound & Color in 2015. In 2017 she became a singer in the band Bermuda Triangle and last year the Alabama Shakes won their fourth Grammy for their contribution to The American Epic Sessions. Howard’s solo album will come out September 30th.