Tupac Dear Mama Docuseries Coming To FX

FX has a five-part documentary coming out about Tupac Shakur’s relationship with his mother named after his song “Dear Mama.” The cable channel dropped the teaser on Mother’s Day and Afeni can be heard talking about the way she disciplined her son. The Allen Hughes-directed series will come out in the fall. 



In Memoriam: 2016

In 2016, several music icons passed and it seemed like the deaths would not end until the very end of the year. Icons like Prince and David Bowie who commanded the pop landscape for 40 years were gone suddenly and unexpectedly. Sharon Jones was just beginning to gain more recognition before passing of Cancer after a two-year fight. Many music fans are just happy for 2016 to be over after experiencing so much loss. The sadness from the passing of so many important voices is only assuaged by the fact that each artist has an immortal influence through their work.

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R.I.P. Afeni Shakur


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Afeni Shakur, who became famous for being the mother of late rapper Tupac Shakur, died yesterday in California at the age of 69. Tupac spoke openly about his mother’s influence on his life from her time as a Black Panther to her struggle with crack cocaine addiction. He immortalized her in the song, “Dear Mama” and praised her until he was murdered in 1996. Afeni Shakur gained control of her son’s estate after his passing and continued her community work by founding the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center For The Arts in Georgia. She also founded Amaru Entertainment which has released eight posthumous Tupac albums and the documentary Tupac: Resurrection. In 2014, she co-produced the 2014 Broadway musical Holla If Ya Hear Me which was a Broadway musical featuring Tupac’s music. Afeni Shakur had most recently worked as an executive producer of the Tupac biopic,  All Eyez On Me which is scheduled for release in November.