The 25th Annual JazzReggae Festival announces Live Art!

The 25th Annual JazzReggae Festival at UCLA excitedly announces the details of this year’s original art components. This year’s festival will feature live painting on a 360 degree canvas featuring artists such as renowned graffiti writer Man One and Brainfeeder’s Teebs, with more to be announced. The festival with also boast a special collaboration between radio collective dublab and live screenprint artists HIT&RUN to create an interactive, sustainable art installation. There will also be an outdoor art gallery for attendees to view and purchase art provided by LA gallery HVW8 as well as other local LA talent. The VIP and deluxe areas on the grounds will be curated with art created by Think Tank Collective, including live sculpture art in the VIP area. With interactive art throughout the festival, attendees and artists alike will be integral to the atmosphere in JazzReggae Festival’s 25th year.

Man One (, founder of L.A.’s underground art gallery Crewest ( and one of L.A.’s best-known muralists, has been making bold and innovative urban art for over fourteen years. Distinctively daring and vividly colorful, Man One’s murals and designs were cultivated in L.A.’s graffiti art scene with a passion for purpose through aerosol. Man One has been showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and the Parco Museum in Tokyo. Throughout his successful career, Man One’s designs have been used for feature films and music videos, and have been sought out by MTV, ESPN, and Adidas among many others. Acclaimed worldwide, Man One will display his craft for all in attendance at this year’s festival.

Teebs is most known as a successful electronica artist; signed to Flying Lotus’ record label Brainfeeder (, Teebs is also a member dublab’s radio collective and music group My Hollow Drum, and has been chosen as a Pitchfork top pick electronica artist. However, Teebs is also a talented visual artists with a unique and recognizable style. Known for transforming thrift store-bought record sleeves into energetic and colorful pieces, Teebs’ talent manifests everywhere from walls to canvases.Dublab ( has been Independently broadcasting for over a decade, each month over 300,000 international listeners turn to dublab to find a plethora of diverse sounds from world-class djs. With artistic ventures extending to film, art, record, and event production, dublab’s creative collective continues to expand its influence across the world.

HIT+RUN ( emerged in 2005 as the brainchild of SoCal artists Brandy Flower and Mike Crivello. HIT+RUN’s trademark live t-shirt screenprinting has risen to fame with their inspired artists and distinct silkscreen designs. In offering clients their own design combinations, HIT&RUN gives their guests complete creative control over their designs.

L.A.-based THINK TANK COLLECTIVE ( is a group of artists and thinkers that are proactively evolving Los Angeles street art in their urban art gallery, as well as running a production studio and curating shows. Led by John Kennamann, this one-of-a-kind collective fosters a truly participatory environment that promises to engage festival-goers in their distinguished artistic interactions.

Throughout the festival, attendees will be able to enjoy a large outdoor art gallery, featuring various LA artists such as and art provided by LA GalleryHVW8 ( HVW8 Art + Design Gallery represents and facilitates the spirit and collaboration between art, music and design. In 1998 Tyler Gibney founded HVW8 and it soon became the premier underground gallery in Los Angeles and over the past three years has featured artists such as Ed Templeton, Mos Def with Cognito, and Charles Munka.

The 25th Annual JazzReggae Festival Headliners Announced!

The 25th Annual JazzReggae Festival at UCLA is proud to announce that the artists headlining its 2011 festival will be Lupe Fiasco on Jam Day (May 29th) and Sean Paul on Reggae Day (May 30th). With the tremendous energy and enthusiasm triggered by such world-class artists, the JazzReggae Festival’s 25th year is bound to be the biggest celebration in the festival’s history.

With his third studio album LASERS debuted at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200, Lupe Fiasco emits powerfully evocative hip hop charged with politics, infused with his taste for poetry. The son of a Black Panther, the Muslim MC grew up in Chicago’s projects listening to rock and jazz, and began rapping in the eighth grade. Under the wing of Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco emerged onto the rap scene in 2006, instantaneously achieving both critical and commercial acclaim. Since then, the three-time Grammy nominee has worked alongside artists such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and John Legend. On May 29th, the renowned rap philosopher will showcase his razor-sharp rhymes for JazzReggae Festival’s Jam Day, only intensifying the fervor for its 25th year.

Kingston-born Sean Paul has become an international superstar, taking dancehall music to new heights. A diverse fusion of reggae, rap and dance, the music of Sean Paul features work from the most cutting-edge producers in Jamaica. Since his rise to fame in 2002, Sean Paul’s impressive track record includes four Billboard Music Award nominations, as well as a Grammy-winning album. With over ten million albums sold worldwide, Sean Paul has cemented his status as the most successful Jamaican artist of all time on the U.S. charts. Bringing the latest sounds of his native Kingston to the JazzReggae Festival at UCLA, Sean Paul is sure to captivate audiences on Reggae Day, May 30th.

Tickets will go on sale April 1st on and at the UCLA Central Ticket Office; prices are $29 for single day tickets and $50 for a two-day pass. Single-day tickets will be available on the days of the festival for $35.

The 25th Annual JazzReggae Festival welcomes as sponsors Scion and S.O. Terik, an L.A. based company fusing art, fashion and entertainment. With the release of their full lineup quickly approaching and through the support of their sponsors, the 25th Annual JazzReggae Festival is an event not to be missed.