Kelley Carter On Disco D

Disco D dead at age 26

DJ was an innovator in ghetto-tech music

David (Disco D) Shayman was the kind of young musician who would lend a shoulder to his friends when they were going through life’s low moments. It was nothing for Shayman to repeatedly check in and offer encouraging words.

The Ann Arbor-bred DJ and music producer who made his name as an innovator and DJ in the ghetto-tech scene — and went on to work with big-name hip-hop stars such as 50 Cent and Chamillionaire — was found dead on Tuesday in Washington, D.C. He was 26. The cause of death was an apparent suicide. read more

Drink And Play Like Jimi?

As if Jimi Hendrix lava lamps were not enough. Now you can drink the essence of Jimi and get the energy to play like him!