Body Count Ice-T 2019

Ben Apatoff has written the first book about Ice-T’s heavy metal band Body Count. The book is part of the Bloomsbury 33 1/3 series that has published several titles chronicling noteworthy albums from pop artists across genres. Ice-T introduced his all-Black hardcore band in 1991 on his O.G. Original GangsterContinue Reading


London-based rocker SANDS shares “When It Starts To Rain” from his upcoming album due in the fall. The gloomy chords and psychedelic lyrics SANDS delivers in a semi-monotone is everything fans of shoegaze rock have always expected. The multi-instrumentalist counts The Smiths, David Lynch and David Bowie as influences allContinue Reading

The Rolling Stones

Mick Jagger wrote “Miss You” with Billy Preston but like all original songs by The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards received credit as the co-writer. The beat was influenced by the band’s trips to clubs blaring disco which was very popular at the time. Sugar Blue’s harmonica played a soulful melodyContinue Reading