Bad Brains’ The Youth Are Getting Restless Reissue Coming In January

The legendary punk band Bad Brains’ The Youth Are Getting Restless live album will be reissued. The album is recorded from a 1987 show at the Paradiso Theater in Amsterdam during their I Against I tour. It is the sixth reissue for the group and it coincides with the relaunching of their Bad Brains Record label. The 1990 album was recorded during the band’s critical and commercial ascendance and it has reggae and funk in addition to their pioneering punk roots. Longtime bass player for the band Daryl Jenifer had this to say about the reissues:

“Hey what’s up Bad Brains family – Darryl Jenifer here. I’m proud to announce to you the blessings and return of all Bad Brains master rights / recordings to Bad Brains and out of Babylonian captivity. These rights and other items include master reels, recently discovered photos, and etc. Thanks to JAH and all involved in this glorious feat. Stay tuned for the “re-everything” involved in all of our NINE studio albums and more. Big UP to Org Music for their faith, hard work, and dedication to BAD BRAINS RECORDS WE GOT THAT PMA 2020 and beyond.”

Bad Brains has long been recognized as the first Black hardcore rock band influencing everyone from Fishbone, Living Colour, The Beastie Boys to Rage Against The Machine. The move from their native Washington D.C. to New York in 1980 kickstarted the city’s hardcore scene in gear which was accomplished by their constant gigs at CBGB’s. The lineup has changed throughout the years but today the group is comprised of Jenifer, H.R. and Dr. Know. The Youth Are Getting Restless officially drops on January 18, 2023, and it is available for pre-order in vinyl and CD form. 


Saul Williams Neptune Frost Is In Theatres

Saul Williams’ Afro sci-fi flick Neptune Frost is making its rounds in national theatres. The anti-authoritarian story takes place in Burundi where a bunch of coltan miners turn into computer hacker rebels and challenge the forces exploiting the region. It’s actually a filmed musical designed to motivate the masses into some kind of political action. The polychromatic look of it and the poetic movements of the people on the screen hint at a future cult classic. The critically-acclaimed film is on show around the country right now and tickets are on sale now. 



The 1865 Release Video For Buckshot From Don’t Tread On Me Album Out Today

[youtube id=”MROVDqWu5_8″]The 1865 crew (Sacha Jenkins, Chuck Treece, Carolyn “Honeychild” Coleman, Flora Lucini and Jason “Biz” Lucas) drop the video for “Buckshot” from their inaugural Don’t Tread On Me. The band describes itself as,

“Bad Brains meets Foo Fighters in a Black woman’s hair salon for a cup of tea.”

Their name automatically opens up a conversation about the year 1865 in America and the creation of the 13th Amendment which officially slavery. In the video for “Buckshot,” several clips from slaves picking cotton to Donald Trump speaking to the public are put together to form the question of how far did America evolve in regards to obliterating racism? A snippet of O.J.Simpson’s famous Hertz commercial from 1978 running through an airport is juxtaposed against slaves planning on doing the same thing on their plantation. Don’t Tread On Me is available now.  

Watch Angelo Moore Go Through Each Song Of Fishbone’s Truth and Soul

[youtube id=”QIqbueoLE5w”] Twenty-nine years ago this month Fishbone released Truth and Soul. At the time they were budding punk funk ska band resistant to stereotypes about Black bands that shaped record company’s marketing plans for Black music. Truth and Soul went against the usual expectations of a Black band because Fishbone shamelessly plays multi genres with a mostly punk base. The album is influenced by everyone from Iggy Pop to Curtis Mayfield. Today Fishbone is still against being pigeon-holed and have achieved the status of respected OG Afropunk founders. Frontman and saxophonist Angelo Moore spoke with Riot Fest on the origins of Truth and Soul. Fishbone is on the road right now and Moore has also been making music with The Brand New Step.