40 Acres ACTEC

Is the $223,000 proposed payment from California Governor Gavin Newsom’s reparations task force an appropriate amount to address housing discrimination African-Americans in California continue to endure?      Who is the producer that wanted sex from Ashanti for payment?  Related posts: Watch ‘Electric Purgatory’ On Ovation TV This Sunday OrContinue Reading

Lizzo and James Madison's flute

Did Lizzo desecrate American history when she played the flute owned by late president James Madison on her current tour?   What will Rihanna do for her Super Bowl LVII halftime show and will any other performers join her on the stage?  Related posts: Media Questions Of The Week MediaContinue Reading

FN Meka

    Will record companies in the future try to relaunch a virtual rapper like FN Meka now that Capitol Records dropped the project and apologized to the Black community after the backlash     Should Harry Styles be called the King Of Pop after Michael Jackson claimed the title? Continue Reading