KAYTRAMINÉ Gives Another Preview Of Album With Rebuke

Credit: Lucas Creighton

Kaytranada and Aminé reveal their current “Rebuke” single as KAYTRAMINÉ days before the release of their self-titled album. “Rebuke ” is a warm island vibe with hip-hop running through it thanks to Aminé’s relationship-focused rap. The single is the second one from the album. Last month they released a pastel-colored video for “4EVA” featuring Pharrell. Their decades-long process to this new collection of songs will be fully heard when the album comes out on Friday. 

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Media Questions Of The Week

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Waajeed Releases Memoirs Of Hi-Tech Jazz Album

Waajeed’s Memoirs Of Hi-Tech Jazz is an ode to Black resistance and the automobile’s significance to life in his native Detroit. The producer set the tone for the album with his cinema-worthy video for “Motor City Madness.” The car ride around the city in the visual is described in the liner notes as a trip from “labor to pleasure” because the music reflects the people’s need to work and play. There are plenty of electronic keys and synthesizers meeting up with horns from soul-jazz traditions. The album is longer thanks to six 12-inch versions of songs like the party anthem “Snake Eyes.” But “Rouge” is a reminder of Detroit’s history of Black protest with its chants of “No justice no peace.” Waajeed’s jazz-imbued house fuses two of the city’s favored genres together in a salute to Black political agency and pleasure. 

Memoirs of Hi-Tech Jazz by Waajeed