Jacob Banks Reemerges With Lies About War

Jacob Banks

Jacob Banks’s sophomore album Lies About War is an independent affair coming four years after his Village debut. The Nigerian singer presented the singles “Just When I Thought” and “By Design (Evil Knievel” both with videos earlier this year. Banks released the album on his Nobody Records after being on a major label. Of the title, he says, “It’s about how when soldiers return from war, they tell elaborate stories of what occurred, but this tale of events only comes from their perspective. It goes to say that the victors seemingly dictate how history is told because they are the ones that made it out. It means that we need to believe we are the heroes of our own story.”

The cover art was designed by Nigerian artist Tariq Oliver who uses distorted figures to bring attention to the parts of society lacking humanity. All of the songs are infused with the conviction of gospel music and Banks sings every song like his salvation is at stake. He will take Lies About War on the road when he begins his North American and European tour on September 28th.

Terence Nance Announces Album & Shares First Song

Terence Nance

Director Terence Nance announces his debut album VORTEX and shares the first song “In Contemplation Of Claire’s Scent.” The jazz-based song is one long jam that breaks in its instrumental glory with P-Funk esque and rap vocals. His first EP, Things I Never Had came out in 2020 but VORTEX is a full-length effort. Nick Hakim, Brandee Younger, Nelson Bandela, Serpentwithfeet, Nick Semrad and Raja Kassis joing Nance on the project. He says, 

V O R T E X is a sonic tool that I made so that I can play it for myself and balance my energy between masculine and feminine; creative and destructive; domination and submission; right and left; sun and moon; day and night: opposing energies generally. The album intends to use sound, melody, song, incantation, etc. to rebalance the self and each other throughout the constant circular movement of life.

In 2012, Nance released his first film, An Oversimplication Of Her Beauty, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and entered theaters in 2013. He is currently working on the second season of his HBO series Random Acts Of Kindness. Nance is also a partner in The Ummah Chroma Creative Partners with filmmakers Nanette Nelms, Bradford Young, Mishka Brown and Jenn Nkiru. 

VORTEX will be released on August 19th via Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label. 



BLK ODYSSY Gets Ready For Vintage Reprise With Video For Suicide Doors

Austin, Texas by way of New Jersey resident BLK ODYSSY preps for the expansion of his 2021 debut BLK Vintage with the video for “Suicide Doors.” The funk-soul interpreter places himself in a scenario where the past comes back in the form of his previous collaborators holding him hostage. Director Jackie Radinsky seems to have taken a little bit from Belly, Juice and Poltergeist to help tell the story. BLK Vintage Reprise is ODYSSY’s 2021 BLK Vintage with six additional songs. The new edition has appearances from Mereba, Benny The Butcher, Baby Rose and George Clinton. ODYSSY’s unapologetic narratives about being a Black man earned his debut top album honors from his hometown paper the Austin Chronicle. His slick falsetto commanded a murky soundscape steeped in P-Funk, D’Angelo and Outkast. BLK Vintage Reprise drops on June 24th. 


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