Ten City Feat

Ten City returns two years after their Grammy-nominated Judgement with Love Is Love. Marshall Jefferson and Byron Stingily have once again completed the extraordinary mission of making relevant music decades after establishing their legend. Love Is Love has all the juice of their pioneering sound with one featured spot occupiedContinue Reading


Sillygirlcarmen and producer JackLndn have linked together for “Maze.” The progressive house single presents sillygirlcarmen’s words with fluttery rhythms, a purring synthesizer and a bit of electro imprinting on her vocals. “Maze” explores the emotions of love and attraction in a sonic profile that has pop stylings as well asContinue Reading

Beyonce Renaissance Vinyl

Will Beyonce’s fourth nomination for Album of the Year be a win at the Grammys this year?     Will there be a tribute to Irene Cara at the Grammys? How will Ticketmaster handle the demand for Beyoncé’s tour tickets especially now that the U.S. Senate is watching them?   Continue Reading