Tone Loc Houston Dash 90s Bash 2023

Tone L?c’s “Wild Thing” was one of three singles on his 1989 debut album L?c-ed After Dark. The raspy-voiced rapper from Los Angeles collaborated with Young MC on the song inspired by Fab Five Freddy’s dialogue in Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It. Freddy had asked a woman to doContinue Reading

Tierra Whack 27 Club Screen shot

Tierra Whack’s “27 Club” openly addresses the challenges of depression. The video looks the opposite of emotional despair thanks to all the bright colors and smiling faces. The single is on the Philadelphia rapper’s upcoming debut album WORLD WIDE WHACK dropping on March 15.  Related posts: Media Questions Of TheContinue Reading

J. Dilla

J.Dilla’s “Sunbeams” is from The 1996 What Up Doe Sessions.  The title comes from how many Detroiters greet each other by saying “What Up Doe?” The song was built with Joe Sample’s “Black Is The Color” and Grady Tate’s “Be Black Baby.” “Sunbeams” was another instance of Dilla’s genius understandingContinue Reading