Throwback: Etta James-All The Way Down

Etta James was a well-established R&B singer by the time of her 1973 solo album. She started having hits at 16 after she was discovered by Johnny Otis in 1954. When the ’70s arrived she worked with famous rock producer Gabriel Mekler and took a different musical direction. “All The Way Down” was on this album and Mekler was one of the three co-writers of the song. James’s struggles with heroin and alcohol addictions were heard in her brassy tone and the autobiographical lyrics. The story about shiny cars, seeking stardom and drugs was something her audience already knew was part of her life.

The strings and funk elements supplemented the groove within an arrangement reminiscent of Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly soundtrack that came out the previous year. Etta James had successfully traveled into a new sound and the album received a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Vocal Performance Female. She did not get to enjoy the accolades because of her addiction which eventually sent her to a hospital for treatment in 1974. “All The Way Down” was one of James’s most difficult truths in song and the recording proved to be an artistic triumph that still gets people excited in 2023. Etta James is one of the artists currently in the Country Music Hall of Fame’s exhibition examining the influence of R&B on Nashville. 


Adi Oasis Shares Multiply Ahead Of Lotus Glow Album

Credit : Clément Dezelus

Adi Oasis reveals the arrival date of her Lotus Glow debut album and shares the single “Multiply. The singer/songwriter/ bass player changed her name in 2022 as she was formerly known as Adeline. The name change and the new album represent a peaceful place the artist has found after going through a reflective period. “Multiply” is a funky jam about a woman’s desire to make a baby once her hormones activate. She says,


“’Multiply’ is about that very real thing that happens to many women when their hormones start saying ‘I want a baby. It can be purely hormonal, or desperately romantic. Sometimes it’s both. Of course, men say ‘I want to have your baby’ to women all the time. But I wanted to flip the script, saying it from a position of power, but also from a place of vulnerability.”

The video for “Multiply” shows Oasis playing the bass and preening for the camera in between changing her costumes. Lotus Glow has songwriters KIRBY and Leven Kali, poet Jamila Woods and UK soul artist Aaron Taylor as guests. This album is also her first to be released on vinyl and there is a pre-order option. Lotus Glow comes out on March 3rd and her North American Tour starts on March 15th. Tickets are on sale from her website


                                                                                             Tour Dates

3/15: Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East

3/16: Montreal, QC @ Le Belmont

3/24: San Diego, CA @ Casbah

3/25: Los Angeles, CA @ Lodge Room

3/29: Oakland, CA @ Starline Social Club

3/31: Portland, OR @ The Jack London Revue

4/1: Seattle, WA @ Madame Lou’s

4/2: Vancouver, BC @ Fortune Sound Club

4/12: Detroit, MI @ El Club

4/13: Chicago, IL @ Sleeping Village

4/14: Milwaukee, WI @ The Back Room

4/15: St. Paul, MN @ Turf Club

4/20: Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Made

4/21: Philadelphia, PA @ World Cafe Live

4/22: Washington, DC @ DC9

Amp Fiddler Has Fundraiser For Medical Bills

Detroit soul ambassador Amp Fiddler has a GoFundMe page to raise money for medical costs. Fiddler is an independent artist who has graced albums by Prince, Parliament-Funkadelic, Maxwell, Fishbone, Jamiroquai and others. In addition to being a sought-after musician of the past three decades, his own discography of music includes eight solo albums. He is also the person responsible for showing J.Dilla how to use an MPC and introducing him to Q-Tip. Fiddler had surgery back in August and has been at home recuperating. Like most independent artists medical care is costly and right now he is unable to tour because of the need to rest and heal. Most of the goal has been met by his worldwide supporters but there is still time left to show support for this underground legend. Check out the fundraiser’s GoFundMe page. 





Throwback: Fishbone-Freddie’s Dead

Fishbone covered Curtis Mayfield’s “Freddie’s Dead” from the Super Fly soundtrack for their 1988 sophomore album Truth and Soul. Their funk-rock version was a change from their roots in ska and punk and it introduced the album as it was their first single. The video for “Freddie’s Dead” managed to become their first to get heavy rotation on MTV. Truth and Soul was critically acclaimed for its unique multi-genre approach that combined all of their influences which made them sound like no other band. But the general public still had a hard time accepting a group of Black men soulfully thrashing punk, metal, funk, ska and rock into the future despite them having the support of Columbia Records. The Fishbone experience was always better understood after seeing them live in concert which was something recordings could not translate to the usual listeners. Truth and Soul was not a chart climber but the album inspired many and proved that they were one of the most musically able bands in the world. Fishbone’s recording of “Freddie’s Dead” was an abounding tribute to Mayfield and a missile in their canon-busting second album. Fishbone released their Intrinsically Intertwined EP in 2014. Angelo Moore aka Dr. Madd Vibe currently records and performs with The Brand New Step and they released the single “Soul Searchers” in 2022. Moore’s fine art paintings were shown in Jacksonville, Florida, and can be viewed and purchased at legacyofangelo.com