Mutabaraka’s Black Attack Is Now Available On Vinyl


Dub poet Mutabaraka’s Black Attack has just been released on vinyl. The artist revived the genre last year when he reemerged after a 14-year hiatus. In the ’70s, Mutabaraka had company from Linton Kwesi Johnson, Mikey Smith, Lillian Allen, Oku Onura, and Sister Breeze. They all used poetry and reggae music as a cultural weapon against racism. He is the only dub poet from that era who has released new work. Mutabaraka has kept political dialogue going with his radio show The Cutting Edge on Irie-FM in Jamaica and YouTube commentary videos. The Mad Professor produced Black Attack which he started working on 10 years ago when he sent Mutabaraka some music. The poet explained the process in a statement: 

 “I had connected with Mad Professor over ten years ago and he actually sent some riddims, but we didn’t connect again until last year when I was in England; we decided to take advantage of me being in England plus he had a studio. I selected poems from my poetry book that was never recorded plus new ones I had lately written.” Mad Professor adds, “It was a great pleasure recording and working with Mutabaruka. In 45 years of recording many artists from all over the world, this has been the smoothest project ever! He has a transparent approach to both the business and the technical/musical techniques. It’s a real pleasure and really enjoyable!! Truly a real legend!!”

Black Attack stays true to Mutabaraka’s mission to examine colonialism, Rastafarianism, and the problems of Babylon. Vinyl versions of Black Attack are available via Bandcamp. 

Black Attack by Mutabaruka

Legendary Poet Mutabaraka Re-emerges With Black Attack Produced By Mad Professor

Dub poet Mutabaraka ceases a 14-year break with the release of “Black Attack” produced by Mad Professor. The dub prophets reconnect to make a perky song about everything in the way of progress for Black people. Mutabaraka’s list of problems is serious but Mad Professor’s rhythms sound festive despite the gloomy poetic assessment. He explained how the song happened in a statement, “’Black Attack’ is attacking all the things that are keeping black people from progressing after 500 years of slavery and now colonialism, I had connected with Mad Professor over ten years ago and he actually sent some riddims but we didn’t connect again until last year when I was in England.”

The single is the first from Mutabaraka’s upcoming album also titled Black Attack. He is just as concerned with Black life and freedom as he was when he started publishing his poems in the ’70s. His Cutting Edge and Steppin’ Razor radio shows were another place where he shared his strong opinions and they were two of the most popular shows in Jamaica. Mutabaraka and Mad Professor performed together at Rototom Sunsplash in Europe earlier this month. Black Attack comes out on October 6th via Shanachie Records. 


Green Lion Crew Teams With Lee “Scratch” Perry & Yaadcore For Green Brain

Production team Green Lion Crew connects with Lee “Scratch” Perry and Yaadcore for “Green Brain.” The psychedelic dub tune came together in 2018 when Zeke Stern of the GLC opened for Perry and his Subatomic Sound Band on the Return Of The Super Ape tour. Stern sent the music to Perry’s bandleader Emch and Perry added his vocals to the track. Reggae singer Yaadcore also became a collaborator because of a prior touring engagement with Stern who had this to say,

“Yaadcore shares a similar energy with Scratch. They are both immensely creative and unique with their music and style. Making music can be like putting together a puzzle sometimes and their combination seemed like a natural fit.”

The song comes out two weeks after Perry’s passing. Jamaican artist Taj Francis made a visualizer for “Green Brain” 


What Difference Does It Make A Film About Making Music (Trailer)

[youtube id=”uVzx_p_DrL8″]

What Difference Does It Make A Film About Making Music is Red Bull Music Academy produced documentary about the creative process for a number of artists across the genres. Erykah Badu, Rakim, Giorgio Moroder, Thundercat, Q-Tip, Egyptian Lover, Lee “Scratch” Perry and Just Blaze are some of the artists interviewed for the film that will be available and free at the Red Bull Music Academy website on February 18th.