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How much will Denzel Washington’s role as Macrinus in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator 2 stick to history, and will it be one of the year’s biggest movies? 


Will Kendrick Lamar’s video for “Not Like Us” take home the MTV Video Music Award for Video Of The Year? 

Former High-Ranking Member of the Gangster Disciples, Harold “Noonie G” Ward Says the Streets Support WNBA All-Star Player Angel Reese

Chicago, IL – Harold Ward aka “Noonie G,” is an urban legend on the streets of Chicago.  As a former high-ranking member of the Gangster Disciples, a Chicago area gang once reported to be one of the largest criminal organizations in the United States, Noonie G is highly respected as a reformed and seasoned OG.   Once considered a prominent force of terror across the country, Ward has not only changed his life, but he also continues to positively impact society as an author, political figure, businessman, gang mediator, and role model.  

As a community leader and longtime basketball fan, Noonie G feels compelled to take a public stance in support of Angel Reese, WNBA forward player for the Chicago Sky. With all the debates swirling around her performance, plays and position, Reese has been the center of controversy on issues covering not only the game but sexism and racism as well.

“As an OG street rep, I feel it’s important to publicly acknowledge Angel Reese as one of our all-time heroes. She is making us proud here in ‘the Chi.’  Her perseverance, defiance, and never quit attitude represent what it takes to survive not only the game but also life when it feels like everything is being thrown at you.  The intense drama and threats being hurled at this young warrior are not to be taken lightly. But just as importantly, how she is inadvertently touching so many lives is incredible.  She has not only ignited women’s basketball with her energy and showmanship, but she is also infusing our young people with pride and motivation.  We want her to know that the community has her back.   We are buying tickets to the game, hosting watch parties, and singing her praises in the barber and beauty shops.  From the grandmas and the grandpas to the street soldiers in the hood, we want to say to her, ‘Don’t fold Queen, please know – we love you, no matter where you are we got our eyes on you, are hands over you and we got your back.’”

Gangstanomics II Prisonomics Ward’s own personal story is an encouraging tale. The former gang leader has dedicated his path toward making a way for others to follow. Larry Hoover, political prisoner and founder of the Gangster Disciples, hand-picked Noonie Ward to implement a new direction of change and betterment for the community at large, with “Growth and Development” becoming the new direction. 

Utilizing the hip-hop community as his vehicle, he has garnered a list of noteworthy accomplishments to his credit over the years. He actively engages in the efforts and support of several hip-hop luminaries. As an author, Ward is preparing to release his third title, “Gangstanomics II: Prisonomics,” with brief contributions from 50 Cent and Ye (Kanye West) along with a supporting song track release, “Money In My Hand” produced by Ye, featuring Trey Songz, Dwele, and Twista.  Noonie’s behind-the-scenes street maneuverings were also instrumental in the success of the Ye and Drake “Free Larry Hoover” benefit concert in Los Angeles.  

Some of Ward’s early accomplishments include working with President Barack Obama as an activist in Altgeld Gardens and organizing Chicago’s first National Gang Summit for Peace attended by Russell Simmons, deceased NFL legend Jim Brown and Minister Louis Farrakhan.  Determined to implement change, he has run for the political offices of City Alderman, State Representative, and Cook County Commissioner in Chicago.

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Kendrick Lamar Drops Eagerly Awaited Video For Not Like Us

Kendrick Lamar finishes his warpath against Drake with the video for his DJ Mustard-produced diss track “Not Like Us.” Lamar stomps all over his opponent with his partner Whitney and children crip-walking and Drake’s Ovo Sound owl logo turned into a pinata amongst the elements of his attack. The backdrop for the video was taken from LaToya Ruby Frazier’s “Flint Is Family, Part II” photo series. The focus was on using mostly local Californians in front of the camera and behind it to make the clip. Lamar’s video is an ode to California rap history while making it at the same time. 

Hiatus Kaiyote Release Love Heart Cheat Code

Hiatus Kaiyote by Rocket Weijers
Credit: Rocket Weijers

Hiatus Kaiyote break their three-year absence with the release of their fourth studio album Love Heart Cheat Code. Frontwoman Nai Palm credits the album title to her belief that moving through the world with love is the ultimate cheat code to life. Three years ago they released the Grammy-nominated Mood Valiant which earned them an AIR Award in their Australian home. The band’s musical syncretism of R&B and jazz led by Palm’s soulful and very elastic vocalisms addresses different kinds of love in 11 songs. The daring but still close to the tradition of R&B sound that got them co-signed by Prince has matured and even expanded. “Make Love’s” swanky and funk-fortified meditation on authentic friendships is the crux of their eclectic vibe. They give birth to psychedelic dreams on the acidic “Cinnamon Temple” and get tribalistic for “White Rabbit.” The title track shows respect for the power of love when Palm says, “Love fragile like a flower, fragile like a bomb” and the last minutes spazz out into fiery dissonance. Love Heart Cheat Code keeps the torch burning for the essence of soul and R&B while grasping the spirit of innovation.