Mutant Academy

Richmond, Virginia rap collective Mutant Academy releases their Talk Soon EP. The group consists of Fly Anakin and Henny L.O. who started the group more than a decade ago has grown to include Big Kahuna OG, Ohbliv, Graymatter, Foisey, ewonee, Sycho Sid, and Unlucky Bastards. Their beats and rhymes hearkenContinue Reading


Gram-Of-Fun is a pop band from Estonia and their current single “Complicated Plant” is remixed by Lisbon-based Australian producer Jafunk. The tireless groove invites you to the dancefloor led by Kristel Aaslaid’s airy vocals. The keyboard riffs and dreamy synthesizers mingle with the rhythm bolstered by a subtle bass. TheContinue Reading

Jacqui Pitman orange

Los Angeles – For several decades now, casting director Jacqui Pitman, owner/CEO of Pitman Casting Inc. and PartyPit Productions Inc., has played a crucial role in the success of numerous long-standing TV shows.  With her creative insight, Pitman has contributed to over 500 shows, including iconic staples like “America’s Most Wanted,” “Price is Right,” “Let’sContinue Reading