LL Cool J Releases Official Video For Q-Tip Produced Saturday Night Special Feat. Fat Joe & Rick Ross


LL Cool J returns with the video for the Q-Tip-produced “Saturday Night Special” featuring Fat Joe and Rick Ross. LL drops a reminder of what New York sounds like as he reminisces about an old friend who was a street legend. His rap is an instructional blueprint for success emphasizing integrity by keeping your word, paying debts, and resisting greed. It is the first single from his forthcoming album The Force. More than a decade ago, his last album Authentic was released. Q-Tip’s dreamy beat is the beginning of LL’s new sound and there is a lot of anticipation to hear what he did with the whole album. LL explained on his social media that the tracklisting and further details will be revealed soon and to look for The Force to have a release date in the fall.