Hiatus Kaiyote Reveal Cinnamon Temple Before Release Of Love Heart Cheat Code

Haitus Kaiyote by Rocket Weijers
Credit: Rocket Weijers

Hiatus Kaiyote has dropped “Cinnamon Temple, ” the last single before the release of Love Heart Cheat Code.  Previously, they shared “Everything’s Beautiful,” “Make Friends,” “Telescope” and the album title track. The riff-heavy guitar rouses as Nai Palm sings about going to the place the song is named after. She explains, “It’s called ‘Cinnamon Temple’ because in Mali they have these mud brick mosques that look like they have cinnamon stuck in them. And because it was inspired by a Malian rhythm, there’s that element to it.” The band has played “Cinnamon Temple” at their concerts since 2015 and it will finally be an official part of their discography. Love Heart Cheat Code’s visual element started with a painting from Toronto-based artist Rajnki Perera as the cover art and expanded to an imaginary supermarket named after the album. Love Heart Cheat Code becomes available on June 28th on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint. The band kicks off their North American Summer Tour this week in Indiana. 


Hiatus Kaiyote 2024 North American Tour