Throwback: The Impressions-I’m So Proud


“I’m So Proud” was one of Curtis Mayfield’s songs he recorded as a member of The Impressions for their 1964 sophomore album The Never Ending Impressions. Mayfield’s lyrics, falsetto, and the group’s harmony were the purest expressions of love in the song. “I’m So Proud” was another R&B hit for the group who had already been successful off their first album thanks to the rise of “It’s All Right.”  Johnny Pate started working with Mayfield on the second album after initially teaming up with him for the 1963 single “Sad Sad Girl and Boy.” Pate’s role continued with the group and Mayfield after he went solo in 1970. The Impressions were one of the premier soul groups of the time and “I’m So Proud” was just one example of their excellence that grew and asserted Chicago’s importance to music. The Main Ingredient, Deniece Williams, The Isley Brothers, Isaac Hayes, Phil Perry, and Todd Rundgren have covered “I’m So Proud.” The Impressions released more than 20 albums when they retired in 2018. The lineup changed and they continued to make music but their best music was during the Mayfield era. Their influence has been recognized in numerous spaces and by several artists. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991 and the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2003.