NxWorries Team Up With Earl Sweatshirt & Rae Khalil For WalkOnBy

NxWorries by Israel Ramos

NxWorries (anderson.paak & Knxwledge) has connected with Earl Sweatshirt and Rae Khalil for their single “WalkOnBy.” The somber post-breakup song is the last single from their sophomore album Why Lawd? which will be available on streaming services tomorrow. They previously shared “FromHere” featuring Snoop Dogg and Death Row-signed R&B singer October London; “Where I Go” featuring Grammy- and Oscar-winning artist and actress H.E.R.; “86Sentra,” and “Daydreaming.” The album was released in physical form last week, including a weeklong pop-up shop at the Stones Throw HQ. Why Lawd? is their highly anticipated follow-up to Yes, Lawd! that came out eight years ago. Why Lawd? is available on cassette, vinyl, and CD.