Delano Smith & sillygirlcarmen Release Play EP

Detroit’s Delano Smith and sillygirlcarmen release their Play EP. The cross-generational collaboration is a musical appetizer of three infectious house tracks currently heating up the playlists of Detroit’s ace brigade of dance music DJs.  Smith’s history as a pre-techno architect and disciple of Detroit’s house Godfather Ken Collier is heard in his production of spellbinding grooves. Carmen, who has spent the past decade DJing alongside house luminaries like Louie Vega, comes to Play with the same energy displayed on last year’s “Over” with Atlanta-based DJ/producer Reggie Dokes.  The celebration of personal freedom called “Freak” seduces the brain and body like a harmless narcotic with its repetitious 4/4 beat, cloudy keyboard riffs, and sillygirlcarmen’s vocals. “Birdie” is a party anthem resting on a foundation of soft hi-hats, atmospheric notes and synth bass made for fun in the twilight of a club. “Queen” tops the song trio off with sillygirlcarmen caping for self-possession and demanding that the listener recognize their nobility and own it on the dancefloor. Sillygirlcarmen and Delano Smith’s Play EP creates wonderment over who will remix it and whether the duo will release a proper album.  Play’s healthy escapism is classic house at its core crafted by two of its most devout gurus from one of the genre’s epicenters. 

PLAY by Delano Smith & sillygirlcarmen