Mikahl Anthony Explores MollyAmory

Mikahl Anthony’s “MollyAmory” probes the polyamorous lifestyle in a self-directed black-and-white video. Anthony’s lo-fi soul functions like non-diegetic film music that the viewers can only hear as the poetry, philosophy and his interaction with women are the paramount focus. The St. Louis, MO-based multidisciplinary artist explained how his personal relationships influenced “MollyAmory.” 

Relationships that’ve been built with unstable intentions, lacking foundation result in situation-ships.” audibly paints the picture of the uncertainty and overwhelming nature of engaging in situationships with multiple romantic interests. Too many can get too confusing”. “That’s so selfish ain’t it?” But there’s also a curiosity of whether it’s all right or wrong. Are all the signs saying the timings right? Would the main one at home be down for the cause?… But what’s the cause? All of this while having writer’s block… and the frustrations become the songs. This song is a journal entry centered around his uncertainty regarding love.”

“MollyAmory” is another single from Anthony’s forthcoming MUSE album due for release on R&S Records on June 14th.