Jacqui Pitman is the Golden Casting Director!

Credit: Michael Roud

Los Angeles – For several decades now, casting director Jacqui Pitman, owner/CEO of Pitman Casting Inc. and PartyPit Productions Inc., has played a crucial role in the success of numerous long-standing TV shows.

 With her creative insight, Pitman has contributed to over 500 shows, including iconic staples like “America’s Most Wanted,” “Price is Right,” “Let’s Make a Deal,” “Face Off,” and “Big Brother 2.” Pitman served as the casting director for ABC’s “The Golden Bachelor” and is now casting for the highly anticipated spinoff series, “The Golden Bachelorette.”

Pitman’s contributions to the world of dating shows and reality television are extensive. Her career began in the late ’80s with classic courting shows like “Love Connection,” Fox’s “Studs,” and as the notable casting director of CBS’s “Big Brother 2” which was said to be the season that revitalized the series. In 2004, when she was Senior Vice President of Development at Lighthearted Entertainment, Pitman created and executive produced the MTV hit dating show “NEXT” which was inspired by her own dating life. She also developed and co-executive produced ABC’s hit show, “Extreme Makeover.” In 2017, in partnership with Asylum Entertainment, Pitman created, executive produced, and cast Bravo’s “To Rome for Love,” a groundbreaking series following five single African American women in Italy, produced under her PartyPit Productions Inc. banner.

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“My television career has been AMAZING! From casting to developing, to executive producing and creating my own shows, I have had the opportunity to interact with some of the most fascinating people. Casting itself is like a big puzzle where we find the pieces that we think will fit naturally. But I must admit, dating shows are my thing! From “Love Connection” to MTV’s “NEXT” to the ultimate fantasy of living in one of the world’s most romantic places, Rome, Italy, while filming “To Rome for Love,” playing Cupid over the years has taught me so much about men and women. It’s clear pursuing love is a never-ending quest, no matter how old we are. But who could ask for a better day job than mine? It truly has been an unimaginable experience,” reveals Pitman.


Under PartyPit Productions Inc., Pitman specializes in all facets of reality show production, from casting hosts and experts to overseeing logistical aspects like background checks and casting finals. Her expertise extends across various platforms, including Fox, NBC, Discovery, OWN, Lifetime, WE and streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, Snapchat, and Hulu. She continues developing original reality show concepts, with recent options at GSN, ABC, and CBS Studios.

Born in New Jersey and raised in foster care, Pitman’s childhood experiences have shaped her compassionate persona. She has long been involved in philanthropy, organizing annual drives to support children in the foster care system. Currently, she’s launching “Marvin Cares for Kids,” a non-profit named after her late brother, aimed at helping foster children transition into careers in the entertainment industry.

Visit Jacqui Pitman’s production company website for upcoming opportunities with Pitman Casting Inc..