NxWorries (anderson.paak & Knxwledge) Debut Video For FromHere Feat. Snoop Dogg & October London

Credit: Israel Ramos

NxWorries (anderson.paak & Knxwledge) premiere the video for “FromHere” featuring Snoop Dogg and singer October London. Paak directed the video for the song that portrays him as the loneliest man in the club at the night’s end. London works out his falsetto and Snoop Dogg’s comical commentary about a man losing his relationship is unexpected and funny. They go retro and put some of the vibe from ’50s and ’60s R&B into what will be one of the biggest breakup songs of the summer. NxWorries’ Why, Lawd? will have its physical release on June 7th and be available digitally on June 14th. 


NxWorries Why Lawd?

1. ThankU (feat. Dave Chappelle)

2. 86Sentra

3. MoveOn

4. KeepHer (feat. Thundercat)

5. Distractions

6. Lookin’

7. Where I Go (feat. H.E.R.)

8. Daydreaming

9. FromHere (feat. Snoop Dogg & October London)

10. FallThru

11. Battlefield

12. HereIAm

13. OutTheWay (feat. Rae Khalil)

14. She Used

15. MoreOfIt

16. NVR.RMX (feat. Charlie Wilson)

17. DistantSpace

18. WalkOnBy (feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Rae Khalil)

19. EvnMore