Louis Cole Announces nothing Album Collaboration With The Metropole Orkest


Louis Cole’s fifth album is called nothing and it is a collaboration with the Dutch Metropole Orkest directed by Jules Buckley. Cole is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who is normally thought of as only a drummer. The new album showcases a fuller picture of his creative impulses with inspiration from big band horns. The Los Angeles-based musician wanted to use his appreciation for classical music gleaned from his father to compose new songs not beholden to one genre. The Metropole Orkest was a good fit for Cole’s vision because they have a history of working with jazz artists with an eclectic scope of music including Ella Fitzgerald, Herbie Hancock, and Pat Metheny.

“Things Fall Apart” is from nothing and in the video Cole’s funk influences are expressed with him, the orchestra, and the singers performing while wearing skeleton outfits. The video is taken from one of their shows in Germany during their tour of Europe. Cole will return to Germany in the fall to perform nothing with the Orkest and Buckley. He has shared the tracklisting for nothing, including the Grammy-nominated “Let It Happen” on his 2023 album, Some Unused Songs. Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint will release nothing on August 9th. The album will be available in two vinyl prints. 


Standard (above) and limited edition (below) LP pressings.

nothing Tracklisting

  1.  Ludovici Cole Est Frigus
  2. Things Will Fall Apart
  3. Life
  4. It All Passes
  5. Cruisin’ for P
  6. A Pill in the Sea
  7. nothing
  8. Who Cares 1
  9. Who Cares 2
  10. Wizard Funk
  11. Weird Moments
  12. High Five
  13. These Dreams are Killing Me
  14. Shallow Laughter : Bitches (orchestral version)
  15. Let it Happen (orchestral version)
  16. Doesn’t Matter
  17. You Belonged