Vanessa Williams Returns With (Legs) Keep Dancing


Vanessa Williams returns to music after 15 years with the single “Legs (Keep Dancing).” Williams’ music in the ’80s and ’90s produced classic stuff like “Dreamin'” “Save The Best For Last” and the sexy swag of “The Comfort Zone.” It was 2009 when she released her last album, The Real Thing. Fans have kept track of her television, theatre and film roles and have missed her from music. “Legs (Keep Dancing)” is inspired by Diahann Carroll’s book, The Legs Are Last To Go. Songwriter Kipper Jones, who wrote her debut single “The Right Stuff,” Chantry Johnson and Kjersti Long wrote the single which is on Williams’ Mellian Music label.  In the video, Williams dances with her crew at a studio, warehouse and the club. She also hangs out with people in her car after a night of fun.

Williams told the New York Times that her several changes of clothing were inspired by various characters from her long acting career. The shots of her in the Adrienne Landau matching green colored cargo pants and shiny bodice are a tribute to her days as Wilhemina Slater on the TV show Ugly Betty. The looks she put together with stylist Alison Hernon also served the purpose of the song’s title to show off her legs. Williams plans on releasing a full-length album in 2024 and is producing a musical about jazz pioneer Louis Armstrong that will open on Broadway in the fall at the same time she will be in London performing The Devil Wears Prada