Mikahl Anthony Has Visual For Sooth Sayings Single


Mikahl Anthony’s video for the philosophical “Sooth Sayings” is a mini-film of the relationship between a man and woman living in the city. They walk, drink, argue, and visit an amusement while other people’s lives also come into view of the camera. The video represents the creative style of his MUSE album which takes its cues from film as much as sound.  MUSE is an acronym for (1. Ms. Using sensual energy & 2. Making use of seclusion every day). He says:

“Every song that I’ve made has been crafted from a film perspective more so than the traditional way of vocally performing a record. My arrangements are more like scores than typical songs and when it comes to formatting I took a classical music approach. Meaning the songs are arranged in movements/sections. Despite the avant-garde methods I take into account the science of listening and how people hear music today. There are enough consistent elements  that allow the listener to catch on to the song but more effort was put into trying to get them addicted to the feeling, vocal texture, and storyline.”

Anthony previously released the singles “Vintage Collection,” “Space Blue/Deep Ain’t It” and “La Flare.” MUSE comes out June 14 via Belgium’s R&S Records.

MUSE Track List 
1. Vintage Collection 
2. La Flare
3. Deep Ain’t It
4. Sooth Sayings
5. MollyAmory
6. Over The Phone
7. Candyman
8. SupaNatural
9. Brick That Broke The Window 
10. Space Blue
11. ButtaFlies & Brownies



Mikahl Anthony MUSE