Hiatus Kaiyote Reveal Telescope From Upcoming Album Love Heart Cheat Code

Haitus Kaiyote by Rocket Weijers

Hiatus Kaiyote teases the release of Love Heart Cheat Code with the dropping of “Telescope.”  The title and inspiration for the song come from the NASA website where anyone can input their date of birth and find out what the Hubble telescope saw that day. All four band members typed in their birthdates and used the discovery of Abell (2744), the Einstein Ring;  the “Red Pearl on the face of Jupiter,” and a nameless star to complete “Telescope.” Keyboard player Simon Mavin started the musical part of the song by working with a patch from the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 synthesizer from the ’80s. Singer Naomi “Nai Palm” Saalfield verbally samples a small portion of The Temptations’ “My Girl” lyrics for “Telescope.” The Australian band announced their North American Summer tour last month which will kick off on June 21st. Love Heart Cheat Code comes out June 28th. 


Hiatus Kaiyote 2024 North American Tour