Oscar LaDell Releases Live In Studio(s) Blues EP


Oscar LaDell’s Live In Studio(s) EP is a brief study in American roots music. The Australian via Denver, Colorado-based musician sings blues and pop with the voice of a much older soul than his 25 years.  He revisits the earlier days of electric blues with “Salt N Sand, ” fortified by Simon Burke’s gospel organ. LaDell’s gravelly vocals have the conviction of a preacher and he sounds like one when he sings that he is ready for the “waves to come crashing down on this land.” The slow walk of the rhythm section is the calm in the middle of a necessary destruction for spiritual renewal. “Sinking Sand” mingles country chords into an urban blues. LaDell howls for strength to survive harder times in an acoustic space where the guitar reigns. He drops the grit in exchange for a clearer tone denoting happiness of the heart in the genial love song “Keep Me By Your Side.” In 2023, LaDell released his rock-oriented self-titled EP which followed a string of singles released in 2022. His audience grew significantly after the 2021 Right Kinda Wrong blues album he crafted with New Zealand producer Chris Armour. The Live In Studios EP is a jolt of Americana music that stuffs a lot of feeling and sound into a brief collection of songs.