Hiatus Kaiyote Drop Everything Is Beautiful

Credit: Rocket Weijers

Hiatus Kaiyote is back with the single “Everything Is Beautiful.” The cheerful message is the ideal way to break a two-year silence and start a new year. Lead singer Nai Palm had a straightforward revelation behind the single’s creation. 

“‘Everything’s Beautiful’ is a testament to the importance of finding simple joy in your day. To me, my happy place is walking around exploring the world with my headphones. I wanted to write something very simple without complex, deep philosophical meaning like most of my writing tends to be. I wrote the vocal melody and general bass riff in a dream napping on my manager Scott Barkham’s couch in New York one day, and brought it into the waking world which is really hard to do for me. Initially, the dream hook was Berry Street beautiful, but I changed the lyrics when I developed it more with the band. It’s not the delusion that we live in a utopia out here on this planet, but rather about actively looking for the beauty, grace and joy in life.”

The Australian R&B band released their Grammy-nominated Mood Valiant in 2021 and the remix album followed in 2022. Doja Cat took the band’s “Red Room” from MV and made it a regular part of her live set. Earlier today, the group live-streamed a gig from The Evelyn in their native Melbourne. The event was a full-circle moment because the venue was one of the first places they performed live. “Everything Is Beautiful” is the first sound from their next project.