Soulful Symphonies: Jay-Z & D’Angelo’s I Want You Forever Graces The Book of Clarence Soundtrack


Jay-Z and D’Angelo’s “I Want You Forever” is from the soundtrack to The Book Of Clarence. The nine-minute song is an extended jam with a spoken word admission from Jay-Z. D’Angelo’s guttural croons are complemented by strings and a soft chorus. Jeymes Samuel directed the biblical epic starring LaKeith Stanfield and he wrote all the music for the soundtrack. Doja Cat, Lil Wayne, Buju Banton, Kid Cudi, the late Terry Callier, Alice Smith and more appear on the movie’s musical companion. Samuel explains the road to making the movie in a press release: 

The Book of Clarence is a film that I wanted to make for many years. While I was working on The Harder They Fall, The Book of Clarence was always running alongside it. There was never a question as to whether I would create all the music for the soundtrack, as well as write and direct the movie – it was a journey where one discipline held hands with the other. I write the music as I am writing the script, I find that music always makes its way to my film sets whether I am blasting music out loud or writing as I go, the music is always there – it is a character. The soundtrack for this film is amazing and I am excited for you to all to finally hear it.”

The Book Of Clarence opened in theaters today. Check out the soundtrack below: