Shabazz Palaces Releases Robed In Rareness EP


Shabazz Palaces releases their Robed In Rareness EP. The new project comes three years after The Don Of Diamond Dreams. The EP has trap beats circulating throughout the songs, and Ishmael Butler admits to his son Lil Tracy’s influence. The Gen Z marker makes it sound like Shabazz Palaces took a trip to Atlanta to observe and incorporate the current musical customs of the people. Tracy appears on the ethereal “Woke Up In A Dream.” Past collaborator Geechi Suede from Camp Lo shows up on the New Wave-injected “Gel Bait.” “Binoculars” featuring Royce The Choice is the real gem on the EP. The trap aesthetic becomes celestial, and Butler’s words seem to come from beneath the water. Robed In Rareness’s leisure pace, comforting voices, and spacey production make it move like a walking dream.