Throwback: Bjork-Alarm Call


Bjork’s “Alarm Call” was inspired by her belief in music’s power to change things. It was the fourth single from her third album, Homogenic. She wrote the words, and Mark Bell of the techno group LFO produced the song’s New Jack Swing-ish beats. Bjork was seeking one style of music, which was the purpose of the Homogenic title, and she wanted to pay tribute to her native Iceland. The result was a mash of strings and dance beats as the dominant sound of the album. Alexander McQueen directed the second video for the song after Bjork was displeased with the first one shot by Paul White. The late designer gave her a 100-page treatment for the visual that has her on a raft in a jungle playing with wild animals. “Alarm Call” has several remixes, and the French one hit the Top Ten in the UK. Homogenic has become Bjork’s most critically acclaimed album, and most fans believe it is her best work. The artist linked with singer-songwriter Rosalía to release “Help Fight Fish Farming In Iceland” in October of 2023 to raise money to pay legal fees for the people of Seyðisfjörður who are protesting industrial salmon farms.